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Special Education

The Special Education Process

The special education process determines whether or not your child is eligible for special education services and if so, what special education services are most appropriate for your child.

There are four (4) basic steps in the special education process:

1.Referral for Assessment

2. Assessment

3.Development and Implementation of an Individualized Education Program (IEP)

4. IEP Review


Who to Contact:

Gaile Radvenis-Hayden, APEIS

Sandra Ruiz, Office Technician


Least Restrictive Environment

To the maximum extent appropriate, children with disabilities are educated with children who are not disabled. This would include children attending their neighborhood school whenever possible.


Each student may require a different combination of services and settings, and when appropriate, a student's curriculum can be modified. The goal is to build programs around a student's needs rather than trying to fit the student into the programs.