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Arts Program

Curriculum & Goals

In a comprehensive arts curriculum, students are expressing their thoughts, feelings and responding to the world around them as they think of artistic ideas and bring them to life in their artwork. They demonstrate increasing expressive and technical skills in the arts and grow in their ability to understand and evaluate how the arts convey meaning by processing and analyzing information through the language and skill unique to each of the art forms. Deepening their appreciation and understanding of the arts by responding to, analyzing and making judgments about works in each of the arts increases their ability to relate artistic ideas and works of art to the societal and historical context in which they were created and to the cultural dimensions of each of the arts. The importance of the arts becomes evident as they connect and apply what is learned and experienced in each of the arts to learning in other subject areas, to career possibilities and to living in our complex society.

Source: Parents' Guide to Arts Education in California Schools


Music - Ms. Soyoung (Thursday)